I have previously made a booking that is supposed to take place between 26/03/2019 and 12/04/2019, will it still happen?

Yes. All bookings that were made prior to the announcement for the period between 26/03/2019 and 12/04/2019 will still take place. It will however no longer be possible to make new reservations as of 26/03/2019.

What will happen to my subscription?

If you subscribed to our Passion subscription, this will automatically be canceled as of 28/03/2019. However, your will remain subscribed to our Ubeeqo service, which allows you to use our service in other countries. You can find the list of operating cities on our website.

If you, however, wish to unsubscribe from our service, please send an email at client.be@ubeeqo.com.

I am a Passion user. Will I be invoiced for the month of April?

Passion subscribers will stop being invoiced as of 28/03/2019. If you, however, have been invoiced between 26/03/2019 and 28/03/2019, please contact us via client.be@ubeeqo.com.

Fiat 500

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4€/h  |  29€/j

Ubeeqo Belgium - Scooty focus for Antwerp and Brussels

As of 12/04/19 and as per communication with customers, our public station-based car-sharing services no longer operates in the city of Brussels.

This allows us to fully focus on Scooty, our free-floating scooter-sharing business in Brussels and Antwerp, with a strong scale-up of new scooters in these cities for summer 2019.

In this way, Scooty further deliver on its open and free-floating mobility offerings as a strong and iconic local business and brand.

If you would like to learn more please visit 
www.scootysharing.be for more information and updates.

For more information on Ubeeqo car-sharing in Europe, do please visit

Many thanks for your time and custom.

Team Ubeeqo Brussels

Will I be reimbursed for my subscription?

If you were invoiced after 27/03/2019, please send an email at client.be@ubeeqo.com.

I still have credit on my account I haven’t had the chance to use yet. Can I still use it?

You won’t be able to use your credit in Brussels anymore. However, your account, as well as your credits, stay valid in any other city where Ubeeqo is operating. You can request your funds to be returned or use them in any other city service. Please find the list of operating cities on our website.

Why are the cars not available anymore?

All vehicles will be taken out of the streets as of April 12th. Therefore new bookings cannot be made anymore. However, bookings made prior to the announcement will still hold.

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Any doubts or questions?

Send an email at client.be@ubeeqo.com or call +32 28 08 30 56 to reach our customer care support team.